Wall Mount Antique Sinks vs Deck Mount Antique Sinks

“Can I put a wall mount sink in my cabinets?” is a question we get asked quite a bit.

Most of our item listings use the phrases ‘wall mount’ or ‘cabinet mount’. I thought today would be a good time to go over both the differences and mounting options of both. In this case, the words describe exactly what it is” wall mount is able to be hung on a wall, while cabinet mount (or deck mount) is intended to be dropped into a cabinet.

There are some exceptions to the rule: almost all wall mount sinks can also be cabinet mounted. Of course, there may be adjustments required to do so. Lowering the cabinet sink base to facilitate an apron, for example, or reinforcing existing cabinets to support the weight of cast iron. In some cases, we actually recommend a combination of cabinet and wall mount to offset the weight from one localized point.

Although nearly all wall mount sinks can be deck mounted, very few sinks that are specified as deck mount are able to be wall mounted. Examples of sinks that are strictly deck mount are stamped metal sinks, cast iron drainboard sinks with little to no backsplash, and vessel sinks. The common denominator of the previous sinks is a lack of structural support for the brackets. Without the high cast iron backsplash, there isn’t any place to mount the brackets necessary for support.

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