Replacement Faucet Body for WatermarkFixtures Faucet


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Replacement faucet body for WatermarkFixtures faucets. Please select faucet style and note the finish in your order notes.

Faucet Body

22-WMF-338, 18-RE-FC-CP-PL., WMF-LF-604, 22-WMF-BF-338, WM-CT-RFS-STND-KIT, WMF-1912., 22-WMF-GH-WMF., LF-LWB-9L., 19-RE-FC-LH-DM, WMF-2021-DM-FC-NB, 20-WMF-FC-CP-LH-DM-B6., WMF-DM-4H-SP, WMF-1913, 19-RE-FC-UB-LH, 20-WMF-FC-UB-LH-SS., 21-WMF-FC-SS., 19-RE-FC-UB-PC.


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