Less than Perfect Cast Iron & Porcelain Lily Folding Train Sink Small Wall Mount Folding Sink-Factory Seconds


Less than Perfect Cast Iron & Porcelain Lily Folding Train Sink Small Wall Mount Folding Sink-Factory Seconds

Occasionally we have items do not make it past quality control on their first pass. Our QC process is very strict, which can help save you money! All items from our outlet section are discounted nearly to cost, which means we are not able to send photos of the exact item you’ll receive. However, if you scroll through the gallery above, you’ll see a few examples of what an outlet item looks like.

So, what can you expect?
– Small chips in the porcelain that occurred during shipping. These will be very minor, most likely around the trailing edges of the sink or backsplash.
– A slightly uneven texture or uneven edges around rolled rims and backsplashes.

What can you not expect:
– Noticeable issues that are immediately visible.
– Porcelain missing completely. Any item that is damaged enough to remove porcelain is recycled locally.
– To be disappointed. To date, we’ve never received a return on an outlet piece. (Seriously!)

Our outlet section is a great way to get The Look at a lower price. If, by chance, you are unhappy with the piece you receive, returns are totally free. If you’d like the exterior of your piece painted, we’re happy to do so with an additional hundred bucks.

Bottom line: With each outlet piece, we ask ourselves “Would you be satisfied with this less than perfect item being installed in your home?” If the answer is no, it goes to the recycling center.

Sumptuously tufted leather seats, crisp table cloths topped with delicate porcelain service, a private sleeping car, dimmed by chandelier. Like every other necessity in the Gilded Age, train travel was elevated by opulence. It’s within this luxurious, stifling atmosphere that Edith Wharton creates Lily Bart, for whom this sink is named. Prized for her beauty alone in ‘The House of Mirth’, the jettison of Lily Bart embodies the ethos of the Gilded Age: beauty above function. It’s with this in mind that we created the Lily, a cast iron sink that’s as prized for its sharp intellect as much as its beauty. Similar to a lily found in nature, our Lily also unfolds, revealing a keen functionality beneath a beautifully detailed exterior. With an origin of a Victorian era train sink, this piece can be imagined on that fateful trip to Bellomont, the drop-down basin lowered to wash before dinner. We imagine this sink as a solution for a small space, its diminutive profile set into the wall, revealing the delightful surprise of a sink hidden within an embossed shell of cast iron.

Item Measurements
Back to Front: 
7 inches/15 inches when open
16.5 inches
27.75 inches
Rolled Rim: 
0 inches 
Sink Weight (No Packaging):
125 pounds

Interior Measurements
Sink Basin
10.4 inches
Back to Front: 
10.4 inches
Interior Depth:
7 inches


-Small Profile Designed to Fit Between Wall Studs. Sink Folds Down for Use, Up When Finished.
-With a Single Pipe Down the Bottom, the Sink Simply Flips Up to Drain.
-Faucet Included; Built into the Sink Interior- Tucked Away Until Needed.
-Created of Durable Cast Iron with Victorian Inspired Embossed Exterior.
-Strong Porcelain Enamel Interior is Designed to Last for Centuries.

Collection: Parish Collection
WatermarkFixtures is pleased to introduce The Parish Collection: authentic, timeless plumbing fixtures inspired by the past: farmhouse sinks, clawfoot tubs and more. All hand crafted and constructed of durable materials, proven to last a lifetime. Brass, copper, cast iron clad in porcelain enamel are used to construct fixtures for the kitchen and bath. The Parish Collection, named and inspired by the beauty of Louisiana, offers your home simple elegance from a bygone era.

Faucet Holes on Center: 
3 3/8 inches
Faucet Holes Drilled: 
Drain Opening Size: 
1.5 inches
Wall Mount Brackets Included: 
Sink Mount: 
Wall Mount
Optional Accessories:

Product Finish: 
Porcelain Enamel
12 months labor, 12 months parts.

Shipping Information
145 pounds
24 inches
25 inches
28 inches

Cast Iron, Porcelain Enamel
ADA Compliant: 
 Wall Mount


Arsenic Green, Bavarian Forest, Bright White, Churlish Green, Feu de Bois, French Grey, Green Blue, Hague Blue, Incarnadine Red, Indian Yellow, Light Pistachio, Lavender, Red Earth, Setting Plaster, Tricorn Black


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