3.5 or 3 inch opening drain assembly with rubber stopper or basket strainer option WM-KIT2BTH.


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Adaptability. Being able to shift and mold to fit different sinks is what makes our Oswald Drain Kit an exciting addition to the WatermarkFixtures lineup. Available only through WatermarkFixtures, the Oswald is a configurable drain kit; fitting comfortably in a utility room, kitchen or bathroom. With the ability to go from 3” to 3.5”, the Oswald can work in that vintage laundry sink from your grandmother or in a stainless steel drop-in sink from your local Lowes. For a more modern look, drop in the included basket strainer, which restricts waterflow with a single twist. If you’re looking for a more vintage aesthetic, the included rubber stopper will be the way to go. Both the basket strainer and the rubber stopper are included in the Oswald Drain Kit and can be switched out at any time.

The flange is 4-3/8ths, this is the part you will see in the basin of the sink once the basket strainer is installed. As far as the hole opening size in your sink it will fit in a 3.5 inch opening up to a 4 inch size opening.

Available in two distinct finishes, the Oswald can be purchased in a classic polished chrome or an unlacquered brass. The unlacquered brass is especially beautiful as it ages, developing a rich patina with use.


  • Compatible with 3 inch or 3.5 inch drain opening sizes and thick basins such as Fireclay or Vitreous China
  • Includes twist to lock basket strainer and traditional rubber stopper
  • Perfect for converting a kitchen sink to a bathroom sink
  • Easy to install and clean and includes a tailpiece
  • Chrome Plated Brass – All parts are made of brass except the gaskets
Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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