Installing Wall Mount Brackets

Posted by Olivia Buller on May 10th 2021

Have you tried to hang your wall mount sink with a “U” shaped bracket and couldn’t figure it out? Look no further – we have your back! We’ll show you how to install it step by step. Just follow the simple directions below: 

You will need: level, measuring tape, SC1815 sink, wall mount bracket

  1. Start by looking at the back side of the sink – you will see a groove toward the top. This is where you will place the bracket. Knowing where the groove is located will come in handy later when you are hanging the sink.
  2. For installation, first screw the bracket into the wall. Make sure you have a steady, solid, secure base – do NOT install the bracket into drywall only you will need to hit at least one stud left and right. The standard practice is to have the bottom of the “U” shape at 36 inches. This can be adjusted to fit those living in the home, moving either up or down. Note that the bottom of the “U” will be where the sink sits. 
  3. Take the two ends of the bracket and point them up; these will go into the groove of the sink mentioned above. You will also notice a slight bend toward the end of the brackets; this bend needs to face away from the wall and into the groove of the sink.
  4. Take the sink, front facing out, and hang it against the bracket on the wall. When installed correctly it will be flush against the sink. 
  5. After you have insured a perfect fit remove the sink from the wall and install: The Faucet, Drain Assembly, Hard right angle fittings and water lines.

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