Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

All shipping in the lower continental US is totally, completely, 100% free. Even the heavy stuff! 
Clawfoot tub? Free. 
Faucets? Free.
Three Sinks, A Clawfoot Tub and Six Faucets? Free. Free. Free! 
Single faucets will be shipped Priority Mail the same day they’re ordered. Three or more faucets will come via Fed Ex or UPS and will take a few more days to process.
Larger items will take a little bit longer; because the USPS is a downer and won’t deliver pallets of plumbing fixtures. Totally rude, right? 😉 You can expect larger fixtures to leave our warehouse within three business days unless it’s something custom.
For international parcels we use UPS, FedEx and DHL.

What About Returns in the Continental US?

Also, totally free, for any reason. Truly! Whether it’s bigger than you’d thought, won’t work in the space or is simply you bought on Ambien and don’t remember (Hey Aunt Linda!), we’ll take it back. Just give us a call at 337.466.3917 and we’ll walk you through the process of getting the item back to us in Crowley. 

We do offer this risk free 30 day trial. However, after 30 days, we do not accept returns.

How Does Freight Shipping to Canada Work? 

All LTL Freight shipments into Canada must be cleared to cross the border before we can release them to the respective LTL Freight carrier.

We have 3 options to choose from:

1) in advance (Default for Canada Orders):
When you order with us, we use and we will calculate the duties and taxes you owe. The duties and taxes must be paid before we can release the LTL Freight shipment to be delivered to your house. This process only applies to LTL Freight. Parcels are processed differently.

2) Self Clear or alternate broker (Client Arranged Shipments):
If you prefer, you can self-clear or use the broker of your choice however we cannot release the shipment until it’s cleared to cross the border.

3) Pick up in US:
We can ship it to a freight terminal on the US side and mark it hold for pickup. You would have to drive to the terminal, present identification and they would forklift the item to your vehicle. When you cross the border with it you would have to settle with customs accordingly. If you use the pickup in the US option, we will advise in advance of the freight facility location options according to where you live.

Client arranged international shipment

They’ll need the pickup/drop off locations as well as the dimensions of the crates, which we’ll provide you up with. Your freight company will contact us to setup the date and time for dock pickup at our warehouse: 

WatermarkFixtures LLC
219 West 1st Street
Crowley, Louisiana 70526

You’ll want to let them know it’s business with a loading dock and forklift- it’ll save you money. 😉

I’ve Picked Out Everything and I’m Checking Out. Why Do You Need My Phone Number? Is This a Spam Thing?

This is Definitely not a spam thing. But it is necessary that you give you a phone number where you can be reached, ideally by text message. We will not spam you or sell your information. The phone number is how your delivery will be scheduled (more on that below). This is such an important part of the delivery process that I would put it all in CAPS, but you seem very nice.

What is a “LTL freight delivery”? Is it Different than a Regular Delivery?

The short answer is YES. Unlike when you order, say, a lamp, freight delivery can’t just be dropped off on a porch without anyone home. All our freight shipments include residential delivery with liftgate; which means they’ll bring it to your house and unload it from the truck. As I mentioned above, freight delivery is more of a process, so please read the following thoroughly. 

  1. 1.    The carrier will call you first to set a delivery appointment. That’s why the phone number is SO important. If they can’t get in touch with you, they just send it back to us. They will not show up to a residence without an appointment. (If your shipment is going to a business they may or may not make an appointment in advance). 
  2. 2.    Once the item leaves our warehouse, we have ZERO control over the freight company’s schedule, nor can we book delivery appointments.
  3. 3.    If you have a super tight lead time, the best thing to do is call the freight company as soon as you get your shipment notification and tracking number from us. Proactively setting up the delivery can shave two days off the delivery time.
  4. 4.    When the truck arrives for the appointment, the driver will lower the item to ground level with a lift gate then roll it as far as he can roll with a pallet jack. It’s important to note the pallet jack cannot go through grass, rocks, upstairs, through fences or anything other than smooth level concrete.
  5. 5.    For now, we are not able to offer white glove delivery, which means the driver won’t bring it inside the home. Our recommendation is to have either your plumber or contractor on-site for the delivery. That way they are responsible for getting these super heavy pieces into your kitchen/bathroom. 

The Driver Just Unloaded My New Fixtures and the Packaging is Definitely Damaged. What Should I do?

That depends on how badly damaged it is. If it looks like the crate has been beaten with hammers and possibly rolled over with a truck, refuse the shipment. The driver will take it back, and we’ll send out a replacement immediately. Just give us a call at 337.466.3917 and we’ll send it out. 

My Freight Driver Just Dropped Off My New Fixtures! The Box Appears Fine. I Can Just Leave It in the Garage Until I Need It, Right?

Nooooooooo! The package must be opened and inspected within 24 hours of arrival. Seriously! This is even more important than the phone number thing above. If the item isn’t inspected within 24 hours, the window to file a damage or loss claim is closed and your item can’t be replaced. That includes any pieces of your order that may have been missed in the packing process (a packing list is located on the pallet). If you find there is something missing from your order, just shoot us a photo of everything that arrived and email it to [email protected]. We’ll get squared away! 

Warranty form for WatermarkFixtures products can be found at this link.

Product Questions

What Standards Do Your Natural Brass, Unlacquered Brass or Artisan Aged Faucets Meet?

All faucets designed and produced by WatermarkFixtures meet the required standard for US brass grades: UNS C49260, Max. content of Pb is 0.09% only (According to PUBLIC LAW 111-380, US government requires the Pb content no more than 0.25%). The material registered with the U.S. EPA as Antimicrobial.
This is also true for every faucet produced by Kingston Brass. You can find more information by visiting their site at

I Really Love Your Products and Live Close. Do You Have a Showroom Where I Can See the Products?

Not yet! But we are in the process of renovating a historic building and hope to have it open in 2020. For now, just give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to come see our gorgeous fixtures in person.

Do I Have to Make an Appointment?

At this time, it is a necessary evil. Because our showroom is still in the process of being created, everything we sell is boxed or crated in our warehouse. And it is definitely a working warehouse: a little hot or cold, a lot of dirt and not much fun to hang out in. By making an appointment, we’ll have the items pulled and ready for you to review so you can be in and out asap. 

Can I Bring My New Sink Home that Day?

Definitely! Assuming the color is one we have in stock, it can be packed up and ready within an hour. We have great recommendations for places to eat or shop while you wait. 
If the color/finish you want isn’t on the warehouse floor, it will take us a day or two to put it together and we ship it your way. 

Our facility is located at:

219 W. First Street Crowley, LA 70526

I’m Installing My Wall Mount Faucet and It’s Too Small? It Doesn’t Reach the Faucet Holes.

That would be an adjustable swing arm faucet you’re working with. All of Kingston Brass’s wall mount faucets are 6” on center by default. If you poke around in the box, you’ll find two little adapters that screw onto the ends and bring that faucet from a 6” to an 8” on center. 

I Ordered Decorative Pipes Along with My Wall Mount Faucet and My Plumber is Saying they Won’t Work. How Do You Install These?

It’s super simple actually! Well, maybe not super simple, but we did make a video to walk you through it. Check it out by clicking here

And What About These Brackets? Can You Show Me How to Install These? 

Yup There’s a handy dandy guide that you can print out by clicking here. Apologies in advance for the rudimentary figure drawing. We’re better with sink design than people drawing. 

I’d Like to Install One of Your Wall Mount Sinks, but My Plumbing Comes Out of the Floor. Is There a Way to Make this Work?

Absolutely! We offer a couple of hard angle kits to solve this exact issue! You can find these kits by clicking here or here. In fact, we even have a video showing you how to install them!

I Ordered One of Your Bigger Sinks. Is the Install Different in Any Way?

It is, actually! With cast iron pieces bigger than 42 inches, the install can be a bit more challenging. This video should get you through the process pretty easily. However, if you still run into any problems, have your plumber give us a call!

How do I Hang My Coupe Wall Sink?

This one is pretty simple, but we outlined the steps in a video anyway. The most important part of the install is to measure, measure, level, measure! You can find the video here and we’re available to answer any questions you may have.

What cleaners do you recommend for my new porcelain enamel sink?

If you want to keep your new porcelain enamel surface beautiful for years, here’s how:

Clean regularly to prevent dirt and grease build-up.
Clean gently: warm water and liquid detergents such as Ivory or Dawn work well.
Other cleaners that will work well are: Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner, Lime Away Bathroom/Kitchen cleaner, and Mr. Clean.

Use steel wool or scrubbing pads for cleaning.
Allow drain opening chemicals, nail polish remover, bleach or other harsh products to touch the finish.
Use suction cup mats or similar products on the finish.
Allow leaky faucets to continue for long periods of time

This one is pretty simple, but we outlined the steps in a video anyway. The most important part of the install is to measure, measure, level, measure! You can find the video here and we’re available to answer any questions you may have.

What is the lead content in your faucets?

Complying with legislation, our lead-free certified kitchen and lavatory faucets have been thoroughly tested and certified to meet NSF/ANSI/CAN 61: Q≤1 Lead-Requirements. This means no more than 0.25% lead in all wetted surfaces. We stand behind our products as lead-free and safe for your home.