At WatermarkFixtures we have a multi-point inspection process each item must achieve to be sold. Occasionally items do not make it past quality control upon a thorough inspection. Of the items that do not pass they are sold at a significant discount and may portray one of the following issues:

-A small chip or crack in the porcelain (Professionally Repaired)
-Uneven porcelain texture or possibly uneven edges around the rolled rim*
-A dimple or small bump of extra porcelain*
-A vague discolor spot in the porcelain*
-A slightly skewed trailing, un-level edge on the item*

*These items are Sold As Is. The nature of these defects are not able to be repaired and originated in the manufacturing process. It is important to note that any flaws found in our outlet items will be minuscule. Items with large defects are recycled locally.  

Please note the underside of the item in Repaired & Reduced could be cast iron natural, a designer color or a custom color at random.  We can repaint the exterior for an additional fee.