Kitchen & Utility Sink Supply & Drain Kit Satin Brass Plumbing Finishing Kit

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This 7-piece plumbing supply kit from Kingston Brass provides all the necessary parts in the water flow process for your kitchen/utility sink. The set includes two 1/4 turn hardisc angle stops with cross handles, two 30" bullnose supply line, two traditional decorative flanges and a traditional 1-1/2" OD Decorative P-trap. Each of these parts are finished with satin brass and are constructed in solid brass for durability and reliability.


Complete Supply and Drain Kit for Kitchen/Utility sink Applications
2 pieces 1/4 turn hardisc angle stops with metal cross handle and ceramic Hot & Cold index
1 piece traditional style of 1-1/2" O.D decorative P-trap
2 pieces 30" bullnose supply line, 3/8" O.D
2 pieces traditional decorative flanges
Fits 1/2" MIP
1/2" IPS Inlet, 3/8" COMP Outlet
Solid brass construction